Team Survivor Newsletter February 2019

February 1st. Exactly 120 days until the mighty argyle of Team Survivor rides 100 miles around breathtaking Lake Tahoe in June.  If you have been waiting until the official start of the TNT season to fundraise, the time is now! If your bike has been in storage since Tahoe last year, it’s time to JFR (you’ll hear more about this tomorrow)! Lives are at stake as we continue with our mission to raise $100,000+ and work to Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

FASHION ALERT – Some new members have asked if the Team Survivor gear would be ordered automatically for all team members. Unfortunately, there is no jersey fairy, so if you want the Team Survivor Lake Tahoe jersey, Inspiration Dinner t-shirt, and other gear, you have to place an order for it! All Team Survivor products are available for sale until February 28th and then the store will be closed to place the team order. We won’t place a second order so please get yours before the end of February. The order will arrive in time to pass out the gear at the Team Survivor Send Off on May 16th.

TNT TRAINING STARTS TOMORROW! It’s game time! You have received communication from TNT coaches Alicia & Pete Smith, but in case you missed it, training begins tomorrow, February 2nd, at South High at 9:00. Your calendar should be marked for every Saturday between now and the end of May. Your commitment to this team and this cause includes two primary parts:

  • FUNDRAISING – you have registered and made a commitment to a specific level of fundraising. Your fundraising site should be up now and you should be sending emails and doing social media posts for potential donations. As always, don’t be content with the minimum – let’s make the biggest impact we can!
  • TRAINING – history shows that if you show up every week and participate in the rides and the training program, you will have a great experience in Lake Tahoe. It doesn’t always work as well when teammates train on their own to prepare for the ride. We have a huge team with a lot of new faces, so this will be an epic year! Make plans to join us every Saturday!

FUNDRAISING – Here’s the most important work we will do together this year. We are raising money that will lead to research, cures, and treatment for blood cancer patients. When we hit $100,000 we will once again fund a blood cancer research portfolio. When we hit $158,771 we will break last year’s fundraising total! Congratulations to everyone who is on the board! Before we pedal one stroke as a team we have already raised over $39,000! Fantastic job, team – let’s keep it going!

  • $4115 – Eric Dominguez
  • $4050 – John Reumann
  • $2753 – Meli Reumann
  • $2703 – Randy Hunt
  • $2503 – Khem Suthiwan
  • $2438 – James DeGregori
  • $2045 – Candace Klitzke
  • $1550 – James Tolson
  • $1463 – Stephanie Grover
  • $1303 – Ambert Kirt
  • $1113 – Ricky Marlette
  • $925 – Cara Hope
  • $925 – Derek Blash
  • $860 – Kenny Lark
  • $778 – Chin Shaulis
  • $773 – Laurie Steward
  • $768 – Kim Hill
  • $803 – Angie Guzdar
  • $693 – Kayla VanCleve
  • $643 – Jenna Christopher
  • $421 – Theodore Strand
  • $228 – Nicole Odell
  • $153 – Patty Coughlin
  • $143 – Steve Goodfriend
  • $128 – Lorraine Green
  • $128 – Gregg Rich
  • $103 – Diena McDougald
  • $103 – Stephany deCrooy
  • $103 – Manjeet Inamdar
  • $103 – Amber Chang
  • $53 – Melissa Stock
  • $53 – Rita Valois
  • $53 – Hank Windmoeller
  • $53 – Erin McDonald
  • $53 – Pete Smith

SATURDAY ESPRESS(O) RIDES – Our Saturday Espress(o) Rides will give way to the TNT training rides that start on February 2nd. Here’s some photos from January’s rides. Again, thanks to everyone who joined us for the 28 Saturday rides and for everyone who provided SAG for long rides and events during the year. Such an epic year!

NEW MEMBERS – Team Survivor continues to grow toward our goal of 60 riders to finish in Lake Tahoe. Please join me in welcoming this month’s new teammates – including two more members from out of state – Dean Reumann (yes, my brother!) from South Dakota, and Ken Wong, my friend and coworker from Phoenix!

See you all tomorrow! Looking forward to a great year of fundraising and riding to support The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!

John Reumann

Captain, Team Survivor