Team Survivor Newsletter January 2019

Happy New Year Team Survivor! As we turn the calendar to 2019 we have just 5 months until we ride 100 miles around spectacular Lake Tahoe in June.  At the top of your New Year’s resolution list should be 1) set up your page and start fundraising and 2) get back on the saddle and get ready to ride 100 miles. Our mission to raise $100,000 continues as we work to Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. Wishing you and your families the best year ever in 2019!

THE NEW TEAM SURVIVOR KIT IS HERE!  We have been busy at Team Survivor Headquarters working on the design for our 2019 jersey.  I’m excited to announce that the kit is ready to order and the Team Survivor Store is now open!

All the important components:
Argyle, Game of Thrones theme, Gary Staton Memorial, Connor McStrong Hero Shield, Primal Wear gear!

The store will be open from January 1st through February 28th only.  Kits will be manufactured and shipped in time to hand out at our Send Off Meeting on May 16th! Every year we have a few teammates who miss the deadline, so order now to get yours! I will place one order for the team on March 1st.
This is the jersey the team will wear for America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride in Lake Tahoe, but it isn’t intended for just that one event.  We will continue to wear our jerseys for Saturday Espress(o) Rides and other cycling events – our kits and off season activity have proven to be the most effective recruiting tool we have!
Because of the anticipated volume of sales, Team Survivor Headquarters has reduced prices and we’re offering further discounts for teammates who order the full kit (jersey, shorts/bibs, arm warmers)!  Please note that each component has a minimum order quantity, so if we don’t hit the minimum on a piece you have ordered, you will be refunded.  In the past we have had some challenges getting to minimum quantities in shorts/bibs for both men and women. For the t-shirts, the plan is to wear them at the Inspiration Dinner in Lake Tahoe the night before we ride.
Please click on the link to access the store (on the team-survivor website) to place your order –

NEW MEMBERS – We are up to 53 registered Team Survivor members! We are getting close to our goal of 60 riders crossing the finish line in June. Do you have friends or family that would be a good fit? There is still lots of time – always be recruiting! Please join me in welcoming two first time Team Survivor riders, Kelli Anderson and Samantha Stewart! Kelli and Sam both work in the LLS office so their commitment to the cause is clear!  Also, join me in welcoming back returning alumni riders Rick Marlette and Patty Coughlin!  It is great to have you all along for the ride!  

KICKOFF – COLORADO SPRINGS – as mentioned last month, Amber Kirt is the new Team Captain for Team Survivor in Colorado Springs.  We will be having a Kickoff on January 10th so if you live in the Springs, please join us and bring some new recruits!  If you need additional information, please contact Amber at!  Here is the Facebook invite for the Kickoff:

BIKE FIT SPECIAL – A quick reminder that the Bike Fit Special mentioned in last month’s newsletter is good through the end of January. If you missed last month’s announcement, Chris Soden of IOG Bike Fit has offered a significant discount for registered Team Survivor members for the best fit you will ever experience. Through the end of January Chris has offered his 3D Motion Capture bike fit for $275, discounted from $350. As I mentioned last month, before you spend a dime on your bike to trying to self medicate to comfort, do yourself a favor and get this fit. If you have never had a proper fit, I promise it will change your comfort and performance immediately. Chris has agreed to take up to 10 Team Survivor members, so if you are interested, get on his calendar now! Go to this link, under 3D MOTION CAPTURE BIKE FIT – STANDARD BIKE FIT, click BOOK NOW, choose “Standard Bike Fit,” click on Chris Soden’s name and you can book your appointment. More details on last month’s December newsletter on the website.

Image result for triple bypass 2019

TRIPLE BYPASS RIDE – once again in 2019, Team Survivor will have a team participating in the Triple Bypass. Registration opens on January 2nd and sells out quickly. Make sure you join ‘Team Survivor’ during the registration process!

Many Team Survivor members are also members of Team NEO for Bike MS Colorado. This year’s ride takes place June 29-30th, four weeks after Lake Tahoe. Team Survivor member, Nicole Odell, is the Captain of Team NEO. Here’s the link to join: or call Nicole with any questions, 719-235-8209. There are many connections between LLS and MS. Some MS patients take Rituxan that was developed with LLS funding for blood cancers. Turns out it is good for autoimmune diseases! There is also an FDA-approved-for-MS version called Ocrevus, which is the first treatment available for progressive MS. I have a personal connection with this event – I have ridden it 16 times and have a several friends with an MS diagnosis (including Nicole).

SATURDAY ESPRESS(O) RIDES – Although the weather is getting a little chillier (insert eye roll from Meli with last Saturday’s 17 degree start), we continue to have weekly Saturday rides.  On December 29th we celebrated our 25th Saturday ride since Tahoe. Thanks to all the riders who participated this year and to everyone who provided SAG support for our longer rides and events during the season. Look for invites in January and come join us when you can.

TRAINING IS COMING – If you’ve been hiding, it’s time to start riding. No more jokes about “finding your pedals,” it’s game time. TNT Training with coaches Alicia & Pete Smith starts on February 2nd. Be ride-ready at 9:00 am in the parking lot of South High School across from Washington Park. You will receive detailed information as we get closer to the ride. Also, please mark your calendars for each Saturday between February 2nd and June 2nd as there will be a training ride each week that you need to attend!

FANTASY FOOTBALL -Congratulations to the the Team Survivor Fantasy Football League winners and thanks to the 30+ teammates and friends who attended our fundraiser last Sunday! See you next year!
Todd Mosher – Regular Season Winner
Susanne Meli Ruede – Playoff Runner Up
Stacey Simms – Playoff Winner

FUNDRAISING – the incredible fundraising continues!  Before the clock struck midnight on 2018, Team Survivor had already raised over $23,000 in donations.   It’s remarkable that we are nearly 25% of our fundraising goal with 5 months to go and only half of the team actively fundraising.  Thanks to the Team Survivor members who have set up their pages and are seeing donations coming in. A big shout out for ‘Sleeveless’ Randy Hunt who raised over $2,700, Meli Reumann who added another $2,000 to her total, and $1,000+ jumps from James DeGregori, Amber Kirt, and Candy Klitzke in December! For everyone else, now is the time to get it going!  If you need assistance, please leverage your TNT staff member or let me know if I can help.  If we are going to hit our $100,000 goal, we need everyone on the team to do their part!  As I’ve said before, everyone in Tahoe will ride 100 miles, only the rock stars will raise $100,000! We have raised $23,694 to date and here are the teammates who have contributed to our new total:

  • $4039 – John Reumann
  • $2752 – Meli Reumann
  • $2702 – Randy Hunt
  • $2502 – Khem Suthiwan
  • $2044 – Candace Klitzke
  • $2037 – James DeGregori
  • $1462 – Stephanie Grover
  • $1302 – Ambert Kirt
  • $767 – Kim Hill
  • $692 – Kayla VanCleve
  • $1350 – Cara & Derek
  • $372 – Laurie Steward
  • $327 – Chin Shaulis
  • $150 – Patty Coughlin
  • $142 – Steve Goodfriend
  • $127 – Lorraine Green
  • $107 – Nicole Odell
  • $102 – Stephany deCrooy
  • $52 – Melissa Stock
  • $52 – Rita Valois
  • $52 – Hank Windmoeller

Happy New Year and Happy Fundraising!

John Reumann

Captain, Team Survivor