Team Survivor Newsletter October 2023

Such a beautiful September! Lots of great riding including Tour of the Moon and the 10th Annual Double Cheeseburger Ride. We know the snow and cold is coming so we’ll continue to take advantage of the great weather and ride while we can. As the weather starts to get colder, it’s time to start thinking seriously about your fundraising plan. Even though our event is eight months away, it’s always best to start early so you’re not trying to hit your minimum while you are focused on training for Lake Tahoe. Happy Halloween and thank you for signing up with Team Survivor to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

Registration Summation

We are just eight months away from our ride around Lake Tahoe so we need to get riders registered so we can start fundraising this fall. First, have you registered? Is your name on the list below? Are you sure? If it isn’t, you haven’t registered for Team Survivor 2024. For those of you who are actively recruiting let’s get everyone registered now. Here is the link to register, just scroll down under the pictures and look for “Join our team now” and hit the red JOIN button to get signed up.

Here is a list of our current 27 members:

New Member Alert!

Please join me in welcoming our newest registered members! Thanks for signing up to make a difference in the lives of blood cancer patients!

  • Ken Lono Wong, welcome back! (pic to the left)
  • Tedwick Smith
  • Steve Higgins
  • Hammerin’ Hank Windmoeller, welcome back!
  • Rick Wilson


As you all know, my goal for Team Survivor has always been to reach $1,000,000 in donations. Thanks to the generosity of our family and friends and persistent fundraising by Team Survivor since 2016, we have the opportunity to hit the goal this year. But we’ll need everyone’s best effort to hit our gorilla-sized expectations! Here is the math. Since 2106, the team has raised a total of $887,826.95. A huge thank you to those legacy team members who have contributed to this total, some of you for many years! So far we have $7331 in fundraising for 2024 so we need $104,842 more to reach $1,000,000. This is why having a big team is critical this year. Let’s get 40+ riders and hit a million!

  • $887,826 – Total donations raised by Team Survivor since 2016
  • $7331 – Donations received for 2024 season
  • $104,842 – Donations needed to hit $1,000,000

Sponsorship Opportunity

If you’re looking for a way to maximize your fundraising in 2024, consider pursuing a Team Survivor Sponsorship. The program is very straight forward; any company that donates $5,000 or more to Team Survivor by the end of 2023 will have their logo added to the back of next year’s jersey. The donation goes directly to your personal fundraising account so this will give you a big jump for the year.

The jersey shown here is just an example to show sponsor logos, the 2024 TS jersey is much cooler than this!

September Rides

High Grade Road, City View

Tour of the Moon 2023


10th Annual Double Cheeseburger Ride

Wow, what a way to celebrate the 10th Annual Double Cheeseburger Ride! We had perfect weather, great friends and one of the best burgers I’ve had in a long time! Thanks to everyone who joined.

Mestaa’ėhehe Mountain

This is a big week, I have surgery on Monday and chemotherapy starts Tuesday. I wanted to take a minute to thank each of you who has reached out to offer help and support over this past very challenging month. I can’t tell you how much Meli and I appreciate all the love. Meli is taking great care of me – she has literally been to every appointment, lab test and imaging test. She takes notes, asks questions and is always there for me. We know this week is just the first step but we’re staying positive and ready for the fight! If you want to check in next week, send a text to Meli or I and we’ll get in touch as we are able. Hope to see you soon!