Team Survivor Newsletter – July 2021

Team Survivor Funds Myeloma Research Project

As a result of raising over $134,000 in donations for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in 2021, Team Survivor received the Impact Award on June 4th. Katey Morris, Board of Trustees member for the Mountain Region of LLS, presented the blood drop Impact Award at Team Survivor’s pre-ride dinner in Moab, UT. Team Survivor is now connected with a portfolio of research projects that focuses on The Myeloma Initiative in memory of teammate Gary Staton. Gary had a Multiple Myeloma diagnosis and passed away in 2018. This portfolio includes a mix of multi-year grants and partnership contracts to accelerate the pace of bringing promising therapies to market. Congratulations to all team members who contributed to this remarkable accomplishment!

Registration for America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride

If you want to continue riding with Team Survivor for another season, here is the link to register for next year’s event – Follow this link, hit REGISTER, add your zip code, choose America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride, sign on to your TNT account (or create one), join Team Survivor and pick your fundraising option. The minimum fundraising option is $1600. Use promo code TNT21 to get your $100 registration fee waived for a limited time!

  • Basic Fundraising Commitment: $1,600
  • Or, Register for a Fundraising Commitment to Include Hotel Stay:
  • $3,000 – *Half Cost of Hotel Room Covered for 2 Nights
  • $3,500 – *Half Cost of Hotel Room Covered for 3 Nights
  • $4,000 – Hotel Room for 2 Nights
  • $5,000 – Hotel Room for 3 Nights

This is a great experience, riding with TNT chapters from across the country on one of the most beautiful routes you will ever see! Come join today!

Looking for Fundraisers!

Here is a list of registered teammates who have already signed up to raise money and ride from now until Lake Tahoe! Who’s in?

  • John Reumann
  • Meli Reumann
  • Diena McDougald
  • Rance McDougald
  • Laurie Steward
  • Gregg Rich
  • James DeGregori
  • Mary Salsich
  • Khem Suthiwan

The Big Nasty BBQ

On July 10th we will officially celebrate the end of the 2021 season with a team bbq. Meli and I will provide the burgers, hot dogs, buns, condiments and the chef. Please bring a side dish or drink to share with the team. Here is the evite link with all the details, please RSVP (if you haven’t already) and add what you’re bringing so we can plan accordingly – We will ride from our house at 9:00 to Deer Creek and back and then have our bbq. Here’s the link to the route – Hope to see you there!

  • Chips & Dip – Kayla
  • Quinoa salad and biscotti – Steven
  •  Lime and cilantro coleslaw, peach cobbler – McDougald’s
  • Fruit Salad – Dr. J


After announcing the Moab route at the kickoff meeting in February, we finally got to see The Big Nasty first hand. It was simply an amazing weekend – a time to celebrate our fundraising success, spend time with friends and ride our bikes in a beautiful place. Thanks for signing up with Team Survivor to Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

Shake Down Ride

Even though it was 100+ degrees it was great to get out and ride after the drive to see a bit of the route on Friday afternoon. Thanks to these brave riders who joined!

Dinner & Awards

No better way to get ready for The Big Nasty than some delicious carbs at Pasta Jay’s. Thanks to everyone for joining us and congratulations to the Team Survivor Award winners for 2021!

  • Megan Pitcher and Nick Rich – Rookies of the Year Award
  • Stephanie Grover – Tenacious G Award
  • Khem Suthiwan – Haulin Ass Award
  • Meli Reumann – Shiny Happy People Award
  • Rance McDougald – Got Nothin to Prove Award
  • Team Survivor – LLS Impact Award


We exceeded our fundraising goal, we completed months of training, we consumed our weight in pasta, so the only thing left to do was climb The Big Nasty. Thank you for letting me start the morning telling you Gary Staton’s story and grounding the team in our mission. I’ve been over The Big Nasty many times but it always surprises me. We were lucky to have some mild temperatures in the morning to get through the big climb. How about the breathtaking views flying down La Sal Road? Our SAG team did a fabulous job and kept everyone hydrated and fed. The end of the day was hot but everyone got back safely. And jumping in the pool at the end was the best!

Post-Moab June Rides

Cheerful in Chatfield

Lookout and Lattes

Bike MS

Coming this fall. . .

The debut of Dead Cat Bounce and the return of Team Survivor’s Fantasy Football League with draft fundraiser! Stay tuned for more details! Have a great summer, talk to you soon!

John Reumann

Come join us in Lake Tahoe!

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