Team Survivor Newsletter December 2019

Can you believe that in 6 months the Team Survivor argyle crew will be riding around Lake Tahoe? As another holiday season approaches, our family sends you their warmest wishes. May you find the true spirit of the season and may it fill your heart with joy. Thanks for signing up with Team Survivor to Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

ABR – Always be Recruiting

We are making progress toward our goal of having a team of 40 riders. As of today we have 32 registered riders with a few more close to joining. Think about friends and family that love to ride and raise money for a great cause and share the registration info below. The more riders we have, the more fun the season will be and the more money we will raise to cure cancer! If you have potential teammates that are not interested in riding 100 miles, remember there are options for 30 and 70 miles in Lake Tahoe. How much you raise is more important than how far you ride! Also remember that if your schedule doesn’t allow you to go to Lake Tahoe, there are other Team in Training programs where you can raise money for Team Survivor and participate in other events. We already have teammates who have registered for the Train 2 Cure program – they will fundraise for Team Survivor and will be riding the Triple Bypass for their event. Lots of options to fit everyone! Here is the registration information for you to share: – select America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride and join Team Survivor.

As mentioned above, there are multiple riders participating in the Triple Bypass Ride in 2020. Some will be riding the Triple as their event for TNT ‘s Train to Cure program. When you register for the Triple, remember to sign up for Team Survivor – we are going to have a big group for the Triple this year!


As you have been reading about the past few months, we have confirmed our date and location for the Team Survivor Kickoff 2020. You will be receiving an Evite later this month but please mark your calendar for Thursday, January 16th. There will be dinner, a short program, and an exciting lab tour to get you ready for the season. I’m also working on a special guest speaker that you won’t want to miss!



We continue to make progress toward our $100,000 goal in 2020! As of December 1st, we have reached 15% of our goal by raising $15,150. Congratulations to the fundraisers who are on the board! For everyone else, the holidays are the best time to fundraise so if you haven’t done it, consider getting your first letters or emails sent out and get your Facebook fundraiser set up this month! Remember we only have 6 months to go so don’t wait until the last minute.

Kodack Moment

As you begin or continue your fundraising campaign, here are some tips from TNT Senior Manager, Laura Kodack:

  • Sending Holiday Cards this year? Be sure to include a business card or a piece of paper with your personal fundraising link, asking people to support your Team In Training efforts.
  • Don’t forget about Matching Gifts! Ask your HR department if they have a matching program and easily double your fundraising total.
  • And Ask, Ask and Ask again! On average, it takes asking people seven times before they are likely to give. They appreciate the reminder!


Some of you may remember Dr. J, James DeGregori. He rode nearly every weekend for 2 years with Team Survivor but suddenly vanished. There have been rumors that he joined a running cult months ago but we would like to locate him and ensure his safety. Let’s find him and get him back on the team! Isn’t anybody going to help that poor man?


One year ago today, this was the Saturday Espress(o) group that rode from Wheat Ridge to Golden. Not pictured here is Laurie Steward – it was her first day with Team Survivor and she showed up ready to go, but didn’t have a complete bike with her. So glad she came back with her whole bike as she has been an important part of the team since!


Even though we saw some cold and snow in November, Team Survivor rode every Saturday. Thanks to everyone who joined in November – lots of great rides and great times!

Happy Holidays!

Enjoy the Ride!

John Reumann

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