Team Survivor Newsletter November 2020

Happy Thanksgiving! We’re living through unusual and trying times. Because the pandemic has people feeling stressed and frightened it’s perhaps more important than ever to focus on gratitude — the practice of noticing and being thankful for what is valuable and meaningful to you. Focus on silver linings. Count your blessings. Stop to smell the roses. Ride your bike every Saturday. Thanks for signing up with Team Survivor to Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

Why I Ride – Laurie Steward

Laurie joined Team Survivor in 2018. She made a memorable first impression showing up for a ride with a bike but without wheels. Thankfully she showed up the following week and has consistently shown up to ride every week all year around. She is the winner of the Team Survivor Shiny Happy People award, is the nicest person I know and is loved by everyone on the team!

Joy.  Sheer joy.  That’s why I ride.  That’s not all…..

I ride in support of cancer warriors.  They inspire me to do crazy stuff like riding up mountains and riding long distances.  Man!  You should see the brave, little warriors taking on cancer that I see at work.  They amaze me.  

I ride in support of fundraising for cancer research.  
My mom’s cancer diagnosis was terminal 15 years ago.  She was offered “palliative care”.  However, she wanted to contribute to the future in some way, so she signed up to be in a research study.  This meant more chemotherapy. What a tough cookie she was!   While she didn’t benefit, the future cancer warriors have.  It’s astounding the progress research has made!  
People are surviving!   Things are getting better! 
We are winning!   Let’s ride…

Welcome Back Jess Gerdes!

What a crazy year! Jess signed up to ride with Team Survivor in 2020 and then changed to a different event when AMBBR was cancelled only to have that event cancel. She is back with the team for 2021 in the Train 2 Cure Program and will be riding the Triple Bypass for her event. I’ll be joining her and I hope you will too!

*Coming Soon*

I hadn’t planned on designing a new Team Survivor kit for 2021 since many teammates didn’t get much use of the 2020 version. But I have had several new and current members request a new jersey. There is a popular sentiment that anything associated with 2020 is cursed so let’s move on! Since there is uncertainty around cycling events next year and with a number of teammates registered for Train 2 Cure, this year’s jersey is much simpler and can be used for any event, or just to be stylish on Saturdays while showing your team spirit! I will be completing the kit designs and uploading these to the store on the website soon!

October Rides

October 3rd – Chatfield Roxborough

October 10th – Carter Lake – Grover’s 44th Birthday Ride

October 17th – Red Rocks

October 24th – Deer Creek Canyon – 2nd Annual Cinnamon Roll Ride

October 31 – Halloween Costume Ride

Happy Thanksgiving!

John Reumann

3 thoughts on “Team Survivor Newsletter November 2020”

  1. Thanks John always for your leadership and what a nice profile by Laurie who can ride and climb any road, anywhere.!!
    GO Team and onward,

  2. Great newsletter, John! Laurie, I don’t have the right words but beautiful, inspirational, heartfelt, sincere, real and wonderful are a few that come to mind. So enjoy riding with you…or actually, way behind you. Keep climbing ‘Goddess.’


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