Team Survivor Newsletter February 2020

Happy February Team Survivor! It’s about to get real as we have just four months until the mighty argyle rides around spectacular Lake Tahoe! TNT training starts TODAY so if you’ve been hibernating, it’s time to pick yourself up off the ice, raise some money and strap on your spandex for the season! Thanks for signing up with Team Survivor to Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.


All the stars were out for the event of the season, the Team Survivor Kickoff! We had a group of over 30 Team Survivor teammates and staff from LLS and TNT. After dinner we had a short program where we reviewed 2019 and discussed goals for 2020. Here are the highlights:

2019 Recap

  • Raised $167,927
  • Funded an Acute Myeloid Leukemia Research Portfolio
  • Recognized as a top fundraising team at Inspiration Dinner in Lake Tahoe
  • TNT Rocky Mountain Chapter Volunteer Appreciation Awards
    • Rance McDougald – Top Fundraiser – $15,411
    • John Reumann – Top Captain – $167,927
  • 25 Saturday Espresso Rides since Lake Tahoe 2019
  • Team participation in BikeMS, Triple Bypass, Tour of the Moon

2020 Goals

  • Recruit 50 riders (currently 39)
  • Raise $200,000
  • Fund TWO Blood Cancer Research Portfolios
  • Do your part!
    • Recruit – ask everyone in your circle to join us!
    • Fundraise – don’t be happy with the minimum!
    • Train – show up for training!

Other Highlights

  • Team Survivor has now raised over $500,000 since its inception in 2016
  • The AML Research Grant Team Survivor funded in 2019 includes a Genetic Study, Master Clinical Trial, Research, and Patient Support
  • We welcomed our new members and welcomed back alumni that were not on the team last year. Welcome to new members Jessica Gerdes, Joshua Hughes, Stephon Cummings, and Amber Kirt! Welcome back to Patrick & Liv, Danielle & John, Amber Chang, and Melissa Stock!
  • We have 9 Team Survivor teammates who are participating in the Train 2 Cure program and will be riding the Triple Bypass for their event – Stephanie Grover, Barb Menard, Jessica Gerdes, Erin McDonald, Juliet Tunks, Mary Carey, Kayla Van Cleve, Lisa Schwab, and James DeGregori! Although this program has a lower minimum for fundraising, this group of 9 has committed to raising $25,000!
  • Thanks to LLS and TNT staff who attended our Kickoff – Ryan Hatcher, Laura Kodack, Tristan Keller, Beth Muehlethaler! We appreciate your incredible ongoing support of Team Survivor!
  • Everyone was asked to document WHY they ride and fundraise for LLS along with their fundraising goal for the year. Don’t focus on the minimum fundraising for your program – lives are at stake so challenge yourself to raise more than ever in 2020! Write down why you ride and how much you plan to raise this year! And then include your goal in your fundraising letters and posts!
  • Thanks to Brian Carey and Terumo BTC for hosting our event and for providing tours for the group.


Get ready for four months of training leading up to America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride on June 7th. Everyone should have received an email from the TNT coaches with the schedule for the year. Looking forward to see you all Saturday at 9:00!


We are getting closer to our goal of 50 riders in 2020. This month I am excited to introduce you to our two newest members! Welcome Chimene and Katey! We need 11 more riders to hit 50! Who has a friend, co-worker, or family member you can bring along?

Chimene McElwain
Katey Morris


As we announced at Kickoff, our fundraising goal for 2020 is $200,000. This is an aspirational goal but attainable based on our trajectory of $154,000 raised in 2018 and $167,000 raised in 2019. As of February 1st, we have raised $28,315 so we are 28% toward funding one research portfolio and 14% of our $200,000 goal! Congratulations to everyone who has begun your fundraising and are contributing to this total. For everyone else, it’s time to get started as you only have 4 months to hit your goal!

Top 5 Team Survivor Fundraisers

  • Randy Hunt – $5025
  • John Reumann – $4075
  • Meli Reumann – $3325
  • Mary Salsich – $1950
  • Diena McDougald – $1500


Laura is here to help you reach your fundraising goal. Set up a time to meet with her one on one and get the tips and tricks you need to hit your goal. She is available after hours and willing to travel to a location near you! Even if you have been fundraising for years, you’ll be surprised with the ideas she has for you. | 720-440-861 | or on her cell at 732-740-8219.


The Team Survivor store is open now! Follow this link to buy your Team Survivor Limited Edition Lord of the Rings jerseys, shorts, arm warmers, and Inspiration Dinner t-shirts today! Order now – operators are standing by! The store will close on March 7th and your gear will be passed out at the Team Survivor Send Off Party at Primal Wear on May 28th!


We celebrated our 25th Saturday Espress(o) Ride last Saturday. Thanks to everyone (over 40 different riders) who joined us this year for the Saturday rides. January was another great month – two rides had temperatures of under 20 degrees when we started so kudos to everyone who joined!





Enjoy the Ride!

John Reumann

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