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Make sure you review all the fundraising options along with what is included with each to choose the right plan for you!

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While the majority of Team Survivor will be riding in Lake Tahoe in June, there are other opportunities to be on the team and fundraise while choosing your own adventure.

Train 2 Cure (T2C) allows teammates to train for an event outside of the Team In Training event portfolio while staying engaged with local teammates and training teams. In addition to training with the team, Train 2 Cure teammates receive training and event day apparel and are eligible to earn the same fundraising incentives as portfolio event teammates. T2C teammates ARE responsible for their own race entry. This means you can join TEAM SURVIVOR and fundraise for LLS, but instead of riding in Tahoe, you could do the Denver Century or the Triple Bypass.

TNT Your Way (TNTYW) provides teammates with the ability to fundraise for any active lifestyle event by setting their own fundraising commitment and training on their own without support from our network of coaches. This is ideal for teammates who live out of town or have schedules that do not allow participating in Saturday training rides.