Team Survivor Newsletter March 2019

March 1st. Believe it or not, it’s just 93 days until Team Survivor brings the argyle show to magnificent Lake Tahoe to ride 100 miles. TNT training has begun and fundraising is in full swing! Thanks to each of you for continuing to support our mission to raise $100,000+ and work to Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

ONE LAST CHANCE! – Today is the final day to order Team Survivor jerseys, shorts, arm warmers, and Inspiration Dinner t-shirts. The store is open today but will close at the end of the day so I can place the team order tomorrow. All gear will be handed out at the Team Survivor Send Off scheduled for Thursday, May 16th, at Primal Wear! And, thanks to everyone who has purchased the 2019 gear! We are going to look great riding around Lake Tahoe and at the other Team Survivor events we have planned for 2019! Here is the link to the store –

TEAM SURVIVOR NUGGETS FUNDRAISER – Join us on Thursday, March 14th, to see your Denver Nuggets play the Dallas Mavericks. I have reserved a block of 28 seats so get your tickets and share the flyer below to invite your friends to join us. The price per ticket is $55 with $15 going directly to your fundraising account. The tickets are in Section 140 (lower level corner). Purchase tickets on the website referenced on the flyer and they will be delivered to the Flash Seats app on your mobile device. If we sell 20 tickets we will get early entry to watch warmups at courtside. If we sell all 28 seats, we will reserve another block close by if possible. If you haven’t kept track, the Nuggets are in a battle for 1st place in the Western Conference, have an all star player in Nikola Jokić, and a group of young exciting players. This game will be very entertaining and a great opportunity to spend some time with the team!

FUNDRAISING – The numbers continue to grow but we need everyone’s help and commitment to reach our goal of $100,000 and attaching Team Survivor to a blood cancer research portfolio. As of March 1st our new fundraising total is $63,014! Congratulations to each of you who are actively fundraising and contributing to our goal! The leading fundraisers are listed below. Let’s keep it going – awesome work! Have you noticed on the graphic that Lake Tahoe is coming more and more into view behind the wall as our fundraising total rises?

  • $4152 – John Reumann
  • $3866 – James DeGregori
  • $3841 – Stephanie Grover
  • $2806 – Meli Reumann
  • $2506 – Khem Suthiwan
  • $2454 – Mair Churchill
  • $2450 – Lisa Schwab
  • $2048 – Candace Klitzke

FABULOUS FRIDAY FUNDRAISING CONTEST – in an attempt to get everyone involved in our fundraising efforts, we had a contest to see who could raise the most donations from February 11th to February 28th. Congratulations to our top 3 fundraisers who have won the Team Survivor Inspiration Dinner T-shirt! Mair, Pete, and Molly – congrats and please let me know what size shirt you want today so we can add it to the team order! If you did not win but are interested in joining your teammates wearing these t-shirts for Inspiration Dinner, you can still order until the end of today.

  • Mair Churchill – $2450
  • Pete Smith – $1700
  • Molly McNerney – $1500

TNT TRAINING BEGINS – On February 2nd, the official TNT training began at Washington Park. Although we have had some cold weather, it has been a great start to the season and a necessary training foundation as we ramp up the miles over the next few months. We have having a great time and look forward to seeing you all soon! The turnout for training rides has been low so we expect to see the numbers for our weekly rides increase!


  • Show up and ride every Saturday!
  • Fundraise like your life depends on it!

See you on the bikes soon!

John Reumann

Captain, Team Survivor