Team Survivor Newsletter June 2019

Welcome to Lake Tahoe! Wishing everyone safe and uneventful travel this weekend. Congratulations on your fundraising and training – all your hard work and effort will ensure you have an unforgettable weekend. Things will be busy for the next few days, but take a minute to reflect on this journey. Think about the friendships you have made, the fun we have had, and the lives we will change with the money we have raised. Slow down to look around and take in the beauty of this place. You are all amazing and what we have done together is extraordinary. On behalf of Team Survivor, thanks for all of your contributions to Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

TEAM SURVIVOR FUNDS RESEARCH PORTFOLIO FOR ACUTE MYELOGENOUS LEUKEMIA (AML) – For the second consecutive year, Team Survivor has raised over $100,000 and will be funding a research grant through The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The portfolio includes Genetic Study, Master Clinical Trial, Research, and Patient Support.

FUNDRAISING – Fantastic job fundraising all year – we are getting close to last year’s total of $167,801! Here’s one last fundraising update – Team Survivor has now raised $154,529 that will be used for our AML Research portfolio. Thanks again for being relentless and dedicated to this cause! Here are your top ten fundraisers for the season (as of Thursday EOD):

  • Rance McDougald – $10,203
  • John Reumann – $6,280
  • Randy Hunt – $6,213
  • Laurie Steward – $6,018
  • Mair Churchill – $5,548
  • Lisa Schwab – $5,065
  • James DeGregori – $4,608
  • Steve Goodfriend – $4,223
  • Diena McDougald – $3,849
  • Angela Guzdar – $3,848

KHEM SUTHIWAN – TRIPLE CROWN WINNER! – Congratulations to Team Survivor member, Khem Suthiwan, who will be earning her Triple Crown pin in Tahoe this weekend! Speed Racer Khem has done something spectacular that only 43 out of 1,000 cyclists at this event have accomplished this year, and that is to complete TNT events in 3 disciplines. To make it even more extraordinary, this will be Speed’s 2nd Triple Crown in her TNT career! She has clearly dedicated herself to the LLS mission by fundraising and training for a multitude of TNT events over the past several years – check out the list below – WOW! And, she has not just participated in a couple events, Khem is within a few dollars of hitting the $100,000 mark for personal fundraising for LLS! Speed Racer will be recognized at special ceremony in Lake Tahoe as well as at the Inspiration Dinner Saturday night. I wanted to add the Congratulations and Thanks from Team Survivor on your continued dedication to this cause and for your incredible support of LLS! Well done, Speed!


  • 2007 – PF Chang’s Rock ‘n Roll Arizona Marathon
  • 2007 – Mayor’s Marathon (Anchorage, AK)
  • 2007 – Dublin Marathon (Ireland)
  • 2008 – PF Chang’s Rock ‘n Roll Arizona Marathon


  • 2009 – Nation’s Triathlon (Washington DC)
  • 2010 – Nation’s Triathlon (Washington DC)
  • 2011 – Lavaman Triathlon
  • 2012 – Lavaman Triathlon
  • 2013 – Lavaman Triathlon
  • 2015 – IRONMAN World Championship


  • 2014 – America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride
  • 2019 – America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride

TEAM SURVIVOR SEND OFF PARTY – all the stars were out for the splashiest social event of the year. We passed out the new gear, heard from LLS leadership, shared up-to-date fundraising information and our research portfolio for AML, started our prep for the Tahoe weekend, and gave out the hardware for the annual Team Survivor awards. We’re so grateful for our partnership with Primal and for the use of their space for our Send Off. Thanks for all who attended and made it such an awesome event! We appreciate LLS for the food and drink and their incredible support this season. And, a special thanks to Mary Salsich for joining us – it was so great to see you again! Congratulations to the award winners:

  • Jenna Christopher – Rookie of the Year Award
  • Kayla VanCleve – Survivor Award
  • Laurie Steward – Shiny Happy People Award
  • Chin Shaulis – Spirit of Service Award
  • Rance McDougald – Show me the Money Award
  • Mary Salsich – Indestructible Award

And here are a few shots from the photo booth that are “G” rated!

JUNE TRAINING – we finally saw the weather turn and it was just in time to accelerate our mileage and climbing. We had great rides in Evergreen, Carter Lake, and El Tour de Denver.

Evergreen, 65 miles, 5,174 ft
Carter Lake, 66 miles, 2671 ft
EL Tour de Denver, 84 miles, 4357 ft

REGISTRATION FOR NEXT YEAR – I’ll be in touch when registration for Team Survivor -2020 is open next week! Key to our success in the last few years is to get as many people registered as soon as possible, start recruiting new teammates and scheduling fundraisers. Think about friends in your circle who might like to join you next year!

See you in Tahoe!

John Reumann

Captain, Team Survivor

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